About Our Practice

Doc Group Shot-Group3Infectious Diseases ConsultantsMD PA, started 33 years ago when doctor Carlos J. Ruiz, MD, FACP, first established his private practice in Orlando, being the first Infectious Diseases Specialist in the city. Since then, IDC has grown significantly. Through the recruitment and addition of excellent physicians, nurses, and administrative professionals, the practice has developed into one of the the largest Infectious Diseases Medical Groups in Florida. Orlando Immunology Center is one of the largest private research sites in the field of HIV/AIDS and chronic viral hepatitis in the Southeast.

We specialize in the treatment and prevention of:

  • Common infections of the skin, lung, kidney, and bowel
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Travel and Tropical Diseases
  • Chronic Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B infections

IDC has over 40 employees, including physicians, nurses, administrators, and billing and coding specialists. Orlando Immunology Center (OIC), located in downtown Orlando, is a division of  IDC. The physicians of OIC specialize in the treatment and research of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), in addition to Hepatitis A, B & C.